The universe & Bollywood have been conspiring to get Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan together ever since she said she would like to go out with him on Koffee With Karan.

And we are all pretty aware of the fact that how much Karan Johar enjoys matchmaking. So, on the latest episode of his talk show, here’s how many times Karan brought up Sara’s name. Honestly, we lost count.

1. When the first thing he spoke to Kartik about was, of course, Sara.

2. And Kartik put on his poker face so quickly, it was almost amusing to watch.

3. And Karan is definitely known not to let go of things that easily.

4. And Kartik had a legit answer.

So he’s doing exactly what Saif wants him to do.

5. If he couldn’t get personal answers, Karan tried using the professional angle to tease Kartik.

6. But slid in his sassy remarks as well.

7. And then he got back to the basics.

8. You gotta give one to Kartik’s honesty.

9. And Kriti joined Karan in the fun too when he asked her who she’d pair Kartik with.

10. Of course, how could Karan have a rapid-fire round without this (weird) question?

11. And Kartik answered it exactly how everyone was expecting him to. Or at least hoping for it.

12. Lastly, Sara was mentioned so much during the show that it ended with her being on the phone with them!

13. But Karan wasn’t done with his teasing.

14. And she handled it perfectly fine.

Is ‘Saaryan’ going to be a thing?