Katrina Kaif is an immensely talented dancer, and her growth as an actor needs to be talked about more often. However, what we always must address is her ability to come up with the perfect comebacks. Being a total badass is her thing, and we live for it. Katrina knows how to answer questions like a boss, shut down what’s wrong and, other times, just be plain witty.

These instances are proof:

1. When she schooled SRK on how to use his charm.

We get so lost in Shah Rukh Khan, that we almost forget that he’s just as human. During the trailer launch of Jab Tak Hai Jaan, SRK was asked to describe Katrina and her work – where he called her gentle. When Katrina was asked the same question, she mentioned that she’ll do exactly what the actor did – by not talking about her work ethic or skills. So she called the experience “good”, which felt like the perfect comeback.

2. When she shut Ranbir for mansplaining her character.

During a promotional interview for Jagga Jasoos, Katrina was asked to talk about her character and the role in the film. At this point, Ranbir intervened and took over the question. He went on to do that for a number of other questions. So Katrina Kaif asked him to not talk for her or mansplain the film. She later mentioned that he talked about her character when she was sitting right next to him.

Katrina Kaif

3. When she had the wittiest answer on Koffee With Karan.

In an episode of Koffee With Karan, Katrina was asked to choose between being locked in a room with her exes or being stranded alone on an island. She replied that she’d like to be locked in a room with her exes – which was a fun answer. Definitely badass, but also quite witty for saying exactly what we all wanted to hear.

Katrina Kaif

4. When she called out the misogyny of an interviewer.

While promoting a song from Zero, Katrina was told by an interviewer that she was lucky to have “gotten kissed by SRK.” At first she made it clear that the statement was almost weird, and went on to call out the misogyny. She said that by that logic Shah Rukh Khan was the lucky one to have found the chance to romance her.

Katrina Kaif

5. When she called Aamir Khan patriarchal for telling her what to do.

In another promotional interview, Katrina Kaif was trying to style her hair so they wouldn’t fall on the mic. Aamir Khan got impatient and asked her to remove her hair and pull them back, almost interrupting her. Katrina responded with a “shh” and asked him to not be patriarchal.

Katrina Kaif

6. When she jokingly pointed the sexism in an introduction.

While promoting Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, an show host introduced Katrina as the pretty actor and Abhay Deol as the talented one. So she made it a point to mention the flaw in the statement. She asked if that meant that Abhay isn’t pretty and she isn’t talented – because that would be derogatory to both of them.

Katrina Kaif

7. When she responded to a joke about not being able to speak Punjabi.

In an awards function, Bharti Singh mocked Katrina’s ability to speak the Punjabi language. Katrina responded saying that she speaks as well as Bharti can dance. The actor is often looked down for not conversing in Hindi, and she makes sure to give it back each time.

Basically she knows how to put people in their place, and not take any shit.