While the iconic actress is clearly against the idea of ‘Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend’ being her identifier, according to MissMalini she has come out and expressed that she in fact, is not a feminist.

What is irksome is Katrina standing up for her own identity and individuality as a woman, and then claiming to not be a feminist.

Here’s what she had to say:

“People say I am not open, but is being open only talking about your relationships? I don’t think I am feminist but I don’t think an actress should be made to speak about the men in her life when there is so much more to her and what she has achieved. We need to respect that.”

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While it is commendable that an actress of her stature has come out and spoken about the importance of focusing on a woman’s identity separated from her association with the male influences in her life, what seems to be apparent is that Katrina isn’t very clear on what feminism stands for.

But, whether she identifies as a feminist or not, in the recent past Katrina has come out and expressed strong views on subjects which indicate otherwise.

In her recent interview with Vogue magazine, Katrina Kaif expressed outrage over the fact that she is now referred to as Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend. ‘After 9 years of hard work & success you’re referring to a successful person as someone’s girlfriend?’ quipped the furious actress.

Fed up of being bombarded with questions about her marriage, she has also made a strong statement about how she would not get married before she wins a National Award.