Recently, my cousins and I got together to prepare a performance for my sister's wedding. Because well, who isn't preparing a dance performance for a wedding these days? As we sifted through the hundreds of songs and remixes that Bollywood has churned out over the years, YouTube flung this suggestion my way - Kay Sera Sera from the 2000 action thriller Pukar.

Kay Sera Sera song
Source: YouTube

While the song did not make it our performance, for obvious reasons, it did take me down the memory lane. At the same time, it immediately brought alive the dancer in me. 

More importantly, it brought the realization that despite multiple dance numbers created every year, no song has come close to capturing the spirit of dance as Kay Sera Sera did 20 years ago. 

20 years ago, when I first heard the song and saw its video, I was instantly drawn to the fluidity of Prabhu Deva's moves and Madhuri's inimitable grace. 

Madhuri Prabhu Deva
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The absolute abandon with which the two performed was just as intoxicating as the high-tempo beats. The same beats that set your feet tapping, even in the middle of a crowded metro ride. Something I have been guilty of doing. 

Because how can you not move when beats made for dancing accompany the words, Kay Sera Sera, jo bhi ho so ho. Humein pyaar ka hua sara, phir chahe jo ho. 

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However, it wasn't just about the dance moves and music and their perfection. Technically, it's a dance battle between the two dancers, with both of them trying to justify their points about what 'love' leads to. 

And the song plays out exactly like a story, with Madhuri and Prabhu Deva literally conveying emotions through their body. 

But, it's such a fast-paced number, that my clumsy body can never understand how the two managed to weave such a beautiful story with moves that could put Michael Jackson to shame. 

Prabhu Deva Madhuri
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More importantly, despite being a dance number centered around the feeling of love, at no point are the moves sexualized or provocative. That is not to say that dance can not be sexual. But, today, most numbers are choreographed in such a way that the moves hardly, if ever, coordinate with the song. But not with Kay Sera Sera. 

Whether it's the nimble footwork, the coordination between Madhuri and Prabhu Deva, A.R. Rahman's magical composition, or Majrooh Sultanpuri and Javed Akhtar's delightful lyrics, but the song works on multiple levels - as a love song, a dance number, and a fun track to listen to. 

And while it's hard to take your attention away from the epic dance moves, the way the song has been shot is nothing short of legendary. I mean, the song begins with a dancing hat! 

Throughout the video, there is ample play on shadows, hand gestures, and of course, Madhuri's expressions. It all comes together so seamlessly, that even today, it evokes the same sense of wonderment and excitement in me that I experienced when I first saw it.

Madhuri's expression in Kay Sera Sera
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I am sure you'll agree with me, once you see the video again:

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