Attention, attention Keanu Reeves lovers! We've got some news that'll break your heart on a not-so bright Tuesday morning. 

The internet's boyfriend was spotted holding hands with Alexandra Grant the artist at the LACMA Art+ Film event in L.A.

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As the duo was staring at each other with their love beams, Daily Mail is suspecting that Keanu has finally gone public with his first "girlfriend" in DECADES. 

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While we're managing to deal with most of the red-carpet spam, Keanu has NEVER posed on the red carpet with any of his lady loves in his carrer of 35-years.  

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Alexandra is the person we all wish to be right now. The 46-year-old artist is also Keanu's business partner. They've collaborated together on The Ode To Happiness and Shadows series. 

Source: Daily Mail

The IT couple never let go of each other's hand while they were posing for a gazillion pictures on the red carpet and we're convinced that they're the cuties we all wish to be.

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Even though my lonely life just got a little more lonelier, we're glad that Keanu who usually keeps his personal life very private has decided to give us a slice of it.