Keanu Reeves is the man of the hour. He’s got good karma for a million lifetimes, his face is in video games, and he can also kill 3 guys with a fookin pencil!

Now, the internet has noticed another facet about the nicest man in Hollywood. 


Notice something unusual about his hand in the picture above? How about the one below?


Recent pictures of Keanu with his fans shows him employing the infamous ‘hover hand’, where you kind of side-hug the person, but don’t really hold them with your hand.


Well would you look at that! It appears John Wick is human after all – even he doesn’t exactly know what to do with his hands in that position, and chooses to kind of hang them awkwardly like the rest of us mortals.

People also praised him for being respectful of personal space.

Ah Keanu, what would the world be without you?