Keanu Reeves, actor extraordinaire, internet's favourite boyfriend, and an altogether great human being, is now also a comic book writer. There literally is nothing that he can't do. 

Keanu Reeves
Source: NYPost

Yes, Reeves, along with Matt Kindt, has written a comic book called BRZRKR, illustrated by Alessandro Vitti. And the best news - the main character is a dead ringer for Reeves. 

Keanu Reeves Comic
Source: Boom Studio via Games Radar)

According to USA Today, the comic is an 'action-packed' story of an 80,000-years-old warrior, currently undertaking dangerous missions on Earth, while hunting for the truth about his existence 

Keanu Reeves Comic Book
Source: Boom Studio (Provided to USA Today)

Published by Boom! Studio, the book will release in October, and we literally can not wait for it.