Raise a cup if you’ve cringed each time a cliché bahu has won the Favourite Bahu Award!

Malayalam television serials have been criticized for their portrayal of family dramas, with long sequences praising women’s sacrifice in the household. Thus, no tele serial was deemed worthy of the state Television Awards in Kerala this year.

The jury commented,

Since the jury could not find any creation of artistic and technical merit, it has been decided not to give an award for this category. 

The jury expressed their concern that since serials and comedy shows on TV are watched by families, the content needs to be more responsible. 


Saji Cherian, the new Minister of Culture, made some critical statements about television serials in late May.  He responded to a question on television by saying that the government will consider censoring television serials and establishing a censor board because they ‘promote unscientific and superstitious content.’

This is how twitter reacted.

And it’s high time, other industries should learn from this decisions and give up on selling the toxic plot lines. 

One thing the makers urgently needs to retire from is making a ghisa-pita serial because honestly, they aren’t gonna work in a long run.