Netflix is dropping reality TV shows like WhatsApp is dropping private chats, but I’m all for it… the reality TV of course, not the private chats!

Especially when Netflix’s latest reality show, Bling Empire, is serving us jewels like model-turned-actor, Kevin Kreider. 


Bling Empire, as the name suggests, is all about the moolah! Equivalent to the reality-show spin-off of Crazy Rich Asians, Bling Empire focuses on the lives of a group of super-rich friends in LA, who are of Asian descent. 

And while Anna Shay is easily a queen after my own heart, the person who actually made my heart beat faster every time he appeared on-screen, was the show’s designate ‘new kid’, Kevin Kreider. 

Kevin is nowhere near the league of the uber-rich castmates he was paired with, but that smile could easily give everyone a run for their money! 

In fact, it wasn’t his bank balance, obviously, (or even those intense looks) but rather his honest talk about dealing with his masculinity as an Asian, that got him cast in the show. 

Though I bet those barely-there smirks came in handy!

Kevin was born in Seoul Korea but was adopted when he was a kid, and raised by his adopted, Non-Asian parents in Pennsylvania, USA. 

Two years ago, in collaboration with Huffington Post, he talked about his experience of dating as an Asian and the discrimination he faced in a video. 

That video prompted Kelly Mi Li, one of the stars on the show, to meet him and invite him to be part of the show. And pretty soon, Kevin was having his cake and eating it too! 

I mean, his dating technique may need a bit of polishing, but hey, I’m up for practice. And I am not the only one. 

Apart from Bling Empire, Kevin, who started modeling in 2008, has also starred in various commercials, five independent films, and in our dreams! 

I mean, he’s certainly helping me survive the never-ending lockdown blues.

Bling Empire? More like Kevin Kingdom! 

To paraphrase the great Gina Linetti, the English language is not equipped to express my feelings for Kevin Kreider. *heart emojis*

All images from the Instagram account of Kevin Kreider, unless specified otherwise.