Known to people as Khal Drogo and now Aquaman, Jason Momoa has become the embodiment of a Hawaiian God. I say Hawaiian and not Greek, because he’s got it in his DNA. Yes, the man’s half-Hawaiian. His fierce personality, raw looks, and those badass tattoos, all of it makes him someone we definitely want to see more of.

But unlike his roles, that of a strong, hard, impenetrable guy who yells, shouts, drinks and is delinquent in the most out-of-order way; he’s super gentle and goofy. He loves strongly, and his antics are just as weird as yours. And since today is his birthday, we think it’s time to know him up, close and personal. 

Look at him, does he look like a man who’s capable of pouring molten gold on anyone’s head? I’d say nah! 


Ain’t nobody seen Momoa like this, right? 


Do you see that heartfelt, innocent smile? Khal Drogo isn’t so badass after all.


Kinda reminds us of 127 hours, but a happier one where Jason doesn’t have to saw off a limb or a toe. 

Hat on fleek! Glasses on point and some uber swag! 

Rib steaks to devour and a goofy picture of Jason to go, please! 

We love that cute beer moustache!   

The axe is certainly lumbersexual, but that tongue is all the evidence we need about his craziness.

Being super cute on the top of a car. Well, that oughta work, right? 

Oh, it’s so good to know that even he is a hugger. 

Just being unapologetically ecstatic about his own show!

Look at that pout. Those are some real cheerleader feels right there! 

Just flipping off with some AC/DC devil horns.


Well, he will always stay the mighty king that he was in GoT but it’s so good to see that off the screen, he’s just like any of us!