There are some games that instantly take us back to our childhood, like gully cricket, posham-pa, and of course, the famous aao milo.  

And looks like even Khurrana brothers spent their childhood indulging in games that made little sense, but were a whole lot of fun. 


Aparshakti Khurana posted a photo of him playing the famous ‘aao milo‘, which he refers to as ‘aam lelo‘ with Ayushmann Khurrana. 

*I personally referred to it as, ‘aao milo shilo shalo’.*

He captioned the video saying, if the sport ever makes it to the Olympics, the Khurana brothers would win. I say, my siblings and I could give them fair competition. 

People were quick to join in on the fun, through comments: 

What version of ‘aao milo’ did you guys play?