Once in a while, we all come across a man that makes us think that God was in a really good mood while designing him. Kit Harington is one of those men. 

Though he started his career with a play, he’s found worldwide acclaim for his role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. And we can’t deny that his chocolate boy looks mixed with his raw personality has made us fall in love with him, every time we see him on the show.

His face? A visual treat!

His body? Carved by God himself.

Her personality? Absolutely lovable. We almost died a little when we thought Jon Snow had died, didn’t we?


But it was his role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones that left everyone asking for more. And, why not?


And with a hot man like that in the cast, how has the winter not subsided already?

Hello Giggles

 There’s Kit, just sitting and making us weak in the knees.


With that beautiful beard, when he looks directly into the camera, we sigh at the perfection.


But it’s alright even if he looks away because every angle of him is perfect.

Kit Harington

When he mixes his good looks with his acting, he raises our heart rate.

Harper’s Bazaar

You think those biceps are ripped?


Well, treat your eyes to these abs then.


But that was just work in progress. The real deal is right here and we cannot stop drooling.


 He looks absolutely dapper as a British man.


But Kit as a man fighting for his life in the Medieval ages looks absolutely delicious.


 His body is heavenly and his smile could melt the coldest heart.


Doesn’t he look delectable when he’s clean shaven?


But we can’t deny that with the beard, he floors us with his raw look.


Kit Harington makes us want to say a thank you prayer every time we see him!