Jon Snow’s ancestry has been the most discussed plot point on Game of Thrones. 

From assuming that Jon is Ned Stark’s bastard to actually believing that he is the Ice & Fire element on the show (R+L=J), Jon Snow’s family history has become one of the most crucial points of the show.


But it’s not just Jon Snow who has an interesting backstory. 

As it turns out, Kit Harington, the actor playing Snow, has an interesting ancestry as well.


Kit Harington’s ancestor, John Harington, was the one who invented the flush toilet. We shit you not!


Kit shared this rather unknown fact about his family in an interview with Elle magazine

John Harington served Queen Elizabeth I in the late 1500s-early 1600s. He was a prominent member of her court but had a few differences with the monarch as well. It was during his tenure under the monarch that he invented the flushing toilet. 

It’s because of John Harington that toilets are sometimes referred to as ‘The John’.


Looks like the name John (or Jon) works really well for the Haringtons!