KK’s tracks have been a comforting escape, for most of us. His voice still feels like a warm hug, after a tiring and long day. It’s hard to believe that we’ll never be able to listen to his voice with new music and fresh meaning again.

He was more than ‘just a singer’ and hence, people can’t stop listening to his new track, which was in production earlier.

Credits: YouTube

The song, Dilbaro, is the last track that the singer sang before passing away. Written by Sheikh Tabriz Yousaf Baig, Sharat Nath and Maguvi, the track has been shot in Kashmir.

Deepak Warrier, Director, Samara, revealed how the singer desired to sing the song in his mother tongue, Malayali.

Credits: YouTube

The track left his fans speechless and teary-eyed. Here’s what they commented on the video:

Credits: YouTube

You can listen to the song here:

I wish we could play this song, on a loop, forever!