The second episode of Koffee With Karan aired last night on Disney+ Hotstar and it was no less than a sensation. On the coffee couch, we had Sara Ali Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor who brewed gossip as they talked about their common ex, how their friendship propelled and spilled some ‘koffee’ beans on who they are currently fangirling over (together, again). 

Well, when it comes to Jhanvi, she has been more honest than we ever witnessed her on screen and some of her bang-on responses resonated with all the girls out there making them scream SAME. Here are her best moments.

1. When she revealed that the pandemic offered her time to understand her family dynamics post her mom’s death.

Indeed, when you were locked inside your house with your family, you could reflect on your relationship with them. In Jhanvi’s case it was more crucial since she had recently lost her mother, Sri Devi.

2. When she uncovered why her friendship with Sara Ali Khan thrives better than anyone can imagine.

Apart from having a common ex, there’s a lot that bonded the actresses together. Dealing with similar hardships personally and professionally tops the list. 

3. When she embraced the IDGAF idea and never looked back. 

When KJO asked Jhanvi about what led to a drastic change in her behaviour and appearance, she gave a masterclass in self-love. You go, queen!

4. When we discovered her scandalous finsta, something that most of us are guilty of.

Was it even your finsta if it didn’t sound shady? 

5. When she talked about the shift that her life took after she lost her mom. 

True, when the mother’s shadow of love and affection is lifted, life gets a big blow. Nonetheless, Arjun and Anshula are evidently her pillars, no wonder she didn’t stop talking about them!

6. When she disclosed that she loves Himesh Reshamiya’s Instagram content. Well, who can disagree?

Stalking Himesh Reshamiya as he lip-syncs his own songs from the 2000s is literally everyone’s guilty pleasure. Am I right or am I right?

7. When it was clear that Jhanvi Kapoor is a typical desi daughter. 

From her family being protective of her to them calling her a hundred times, every Indian girl screamed when Jhanvi started talking about her peak desi family. 

8. When Jhanvi talked about the person she was around her mom and just like many, she hasn’t dealt with her conflicts. 

Furthermore, she added that although her life was a fantasy back then, today she is the happiest she has been in a while.

9. When we low-key discovered that Jhanvi isn’t a winter person.

Sara uncovered that during their Kedarnath trip Jhanvi wore every piece of clothing that she carried yet was shivering to death. And nothing made her more thrilled than spotting a heater in a hotel room. 

10. When she pulled the curtain off the fact that she devours Aditya Roy Kapoor. 

Jhanvi didn’t even take a moment to unveil that she finds Aditya Roy Kapoor extremely hot. Well, Jhanvi answered this question on behalf of every Indian girl out there. We are all the same when it comes to simping over Aditya Roy Kapoor. 

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