The latest episode of Koffee with Karan season 7 witnessed the most dynamic duo of Vicky Kaushal and Sidharth Malhotra. While we saw many interesting conversations brewing, I couldn’t help but notice the Punjabi Mundas giving it back to KJO’s juicy questions.

Among the many manifestations the couch had, we have a new one on the list. Now, even though Kiara Advani was not on the episode, her presence became the highlight of the show. We compiled a list of wholesome Sid-Kiara moments from the episode and are totally rooting for this pair.  

1. When Karan Johar pushed Kiara to spill the beans about her relationship and Sidharth had the sweetest reply for it.

2. When Sidharth subtly accepted his relationship with Kiara and manifested a brighter future with her. You can’t ignore the way Sid is blushing throughout.

3. When Kiara in the most wholesome way shared how Sidharth and she are more than just close friends.

4. When during the glam slam game Kiara made the most awwdorable gesture and called Sid because she didn’t want him to lose. 

5. When Karan asked how Kiara’s number was saved on his phone, Vicky made a cheeky remark. 

6. Well throughout the show Sidharth showered love on Kiara. When Karan asked him, which actress he wished was still single,  he gave the warmest reply. 

 7. During an old segment Karan asked Kiara, if your current life was a movie title, what would it be called? How many more hints does Karan need? 

Clearly, Kiara made the most wholesome appearance at Koffee with Karan’s latest episode and Sidharth just gave us too many hints!

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