It all started with listening to Iktara at Marine Drive, thinking about what I wanted in life. Each time I watched Wake Up Sid, I adored Aisha Banerjee a little more!

With her wide expressive eyes, all calm and clutter, Aisha, played by Konkana Sen, is one of the most memorable female characters of Bollywood. 

Sure, the movie talked about things like the ‘unusual pairing’ for Bollywood standards, the development in Sid’s character, mature romance, fights. But for me, it all comes down to the ‘new girl in the city’ achieving her dreams. 

Aisha Banerjee in Wake Up Sid always made me want to live a life like hers. 

From staying in the hostel to moving to her own flat. Aisha represents many women who move to a new city and seek independence. The transition she goes through is fierce & inspires me. I love the part where she decorates her house. 

I love the fact that how Aisha Banerjee is complete within herself.

She is fearless and independent, but she also wants to love. If you notice, even she is struggling to find herself, to achieve her dreams, albeit all silently. 

Aisha knew what she wanted. She was honest about her dreams and the career she aimed for. 

Though the movie focuses more on Sid’s journey. I was just curious to see how Aisha grows as a person. 

Her calm and composed nature with Sid makes me want her maturity. She meets Sid at the party and decides to go on a walk with him. I love the way she doesn’t hesitate to make it clear that she doesn’t want to sleep with him.

 All she was doing was looking out for herself while walking with a stranger. 

I can keep talking about how she turned into a confident woman dealing with her vulnerabilities. But, hey, I’d rather go and watch the movie again!