Kota Factory, for most of you, may have mirrored your college years. It’s no surprise that it’s labelled as one of the most relatable shows. There’s a magic associated with college dramas, they give us a nostalgic trip that rekindles the student inside us.

Driven by the same idea we present to you a collection of shows based on college life that will give you a walk down memory lane. 

1. Kota Factory

Kota Factory is almost a true story. It depicts student life in the city as well as Vaibhav’s efforts to get into IIT through the JEE Advanced test. It also has major performances by Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa, Alam Khan, and Ranjan Raj. 

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2. Operation MBBS

The series shows the life of students enrolled in the MBBS programme, as well as their trials and tribulations. Despite what appears to be a bleak premise centred on sick people and medicine, the show contains several moments of humour and delight.

3. Gullak

Gullak is another TVF show that delves into the lives of middle-class families. The family is strongly focused on saving, as the name implies, and numerous elements centre around it. The show depicts the lives of a middle-class family, including their hopes and ambitions.


4. Selection Day

Coming from a middle-class family, students are frequently encouraged not to let their ambitions fly too high. However, when talent is combined with hard work and determination, amazing things may happen, and the show depicts the path of such individuals. 

5. I’m mature

Due to the engaging premise of school life, fans have adored this series just as much as the Kota Factory series. The series takes viewers on a nostalgic and funny trip back in time to their school days. Various such experiences are effectively depicted throughout the series, from enduring punishments to having a first crush. 


6. Engineering Girls

The show focuses on the engineering field of education as well as the lives of three young women. Despite the fact that the three girls are very different in nature, they manage to cross paths.


7. Laakhon Mein Ek

Laakhon Mein Ek, created by comedian and former IITian Biswa Kalyan Rath, similarly depicts the hard realities of Kota’s entrance exam system. The show, which stars Ritwik Sahore as the lead, is both emotional and hilarious, and it finishes on a haunting note that ensures the narrative sticks with you long after the series is over.


8. F.L.A.M.E.S

FLAMES takes you back to the days of innocent school romance, particularly the sort that blossomed in tuition classes, as the title suggests. This show, starring Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala, will let you recapture the innocence of your first crush and everything that comes with it.

9. Girls Hostel

Girls Hostel, presented by Girliyapa, takes you to a time when roommates, stolen items, senior-junior bonds, and the distinctive ‘hostel life’ reigned supreme. The narrative retains a realism that allows viewers to connect to the tales and circumstances depicted, even when it tries to appeal to a few clichés.


10. College Romance

This romantic comedy has a great cast and some genuinely memorable one-liners. At the same hand, due to the nature of the genre, there are some cliches that may have been avoided. Nonetheless, it’s a fun web series that could get you looking for your first crush on social media.

11. What’s Your Status

What’s Your Status is a romantic drama set in college that takes a while to get into, but once it does, it’s difficult not to binge watch. This rom-com series stands out because it tells three different storylines, allowing you to relive your college romance while also getting a glimpse of your first adult relationship.


12. The Reunion 

It’s not really a school or college series, but it takes you back to your late adolescence. The titular protagonists gather for a reunion and reflect on their present relationships with old pals as well as the history they have left behind.

13. Undeclared

Undeclared depicts the lives of first-year students at a fictional institution. All of the pleasures and disappointments of a student’s life and relationships may be seen in their genuine colours here.


14. Grown-ish

The plot of Grown-ish revolves around the eldest daughter of the African-American family and tells a narrative about her first year in college.

15. How To Get Away With Murder

This sitcom’s premise revolves around a group of law students and their professor, who has a lot of secrets. Some of the students are involved in the murder, while others work hard to complete the course and find work. This show is really different from typical comedies, which is one of its strengths.


16. Felicity    

The life of Felicity Porter spans four years of her academic studies. She decided to modify her plans after graduation and attend the same institution as her sweetheart. Despite her parents’ efforts to persuade her to alter her decision, the daughter remains in New York and begins a new life.

17. Pitch Perfect 

It’s a musical comedy about the lives of Barden University students. The characters join local acapella groups and compete against one another. Pitch Perfect successfully combines aspects of entertainment with depictions of student relationships.


18. Veronica Mars

This is a young noir mystery drama about Veronica Mars’s life. She is a student who assists her private detective father. In each episode, she tackles a little problem while attempting to uncover a bigger mystery revolving around her close friends and classmates .

19. A Different World

The show focuses on the life of Denise Huckstable (Lisa Bonet) and other students at a fictional black college in Virginia in the first season. Many important issues were covered in this TV series, including racial and socioeconomic disparities, women’s rights, and so on. 


20. Greek

The American comedy-drama television series Greek depicts the lives of students at Cyprus-Rhodes University. The Greek fraternities and maternities are a unique feature of this university, and all students should join them. 

21. Dear White People

The show focuses on the group of African-American students who face social injustice because this school is primarily white.


22. Hellcats

Hellcats is a teen drama about a girl who has lost her scholarship and must join the local cheerleading team to reclaim it. The series depicts the start of a regular student’s life, including first relationships, financial challenges, and family concerns.


23. Scream Queens

Scream Queens is a dark comedy set at Wallace University’s sorority. The delightfully dark series, starring Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, follows murders as sorority rivalry escalates. 


24. The Magicians 

The trilogy by Lee Grossman about students recruited to the clandestine Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy made into a compelling fantasy TV show. The SyFy show explores the darker aspects of magic and imagination.

25. Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat follows the lives of six college students who live together in a house. In this British comedy-drama about current college life, drinking, drugs, and debt are all on the menu. 

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26. Gilmore Girls

After following Rory and her mother through her high school years, audiences tuned in to see her get admission letters from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Gilmore Girls paints a depiction of life as a Yale student in the early 2000s.

27. Blue Mountain State

The TV show Blue Mountain is built on the foundations of football and friendship. The show revolves on a quarterback and his quirky best buddy as they navigate college life.


28. Last Chance U

Last Chance U pulls down the veil on what goes on in a junior college football locker room and off the field. The docuseries examines the lives of East Mississippi Community College football players and the obstacles they confront.

29. Normal People

Marianne and Connell are followed through their years at a secondary school and later at Trinity College Dublin in the show Normal People. The series delves into the friendships of the characters, their families, and their classmates. 


30. Community

The plot of Community revolves around a Spanish study club founded by a fraudulent lawyer who forged his college degree.  As they learn Spanish and life skills, the group creates an unexpected connection.

31. Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World is a sitcom from the 1990s about a young boy named Cory Matthews and his path to maturity. Shawn Hunter, his fiancée Topanga Lawrence, his attractive but goofy oldest son Eric, and his teacher and next-door neighbour George Feeny are all with him. 

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32. Beverly Hills, 90210 

Brandon and Brenda Walsh, fraternal twins, move with their parents from Minneapolis, Minnesota to the affluent metropolis of Beverly Hills, California, for their freshman year at West Beverly Hills High School.


33. Dawson’s Creek

Dawson’s Creek follows four teenagers as they navigate their way through adolescence.

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34. Sweet/Vicious

The series follows the adventures of Jules and Ophelia, two college students who work as vigilantes on campus, hunting sexual attackers in secret.

35. Bridge and Tunnel

This show follows a group of college grads as they go on a journey to Manhattan to chase their aspirations while remaining grounded in their working-class Long Island hometown.


36. Deaf U

Deaf U follows a group of students at Gallaudet University, a private institution for deaf and hard of hearing students. The series’ objective, according to DiMarco, is to depict deaf individuals as human beings from all walks of life.

37. Sexify 

In Sexify, a group of friends band together to create an innovative sex app and win a tech competition, a sexually inexperienced student and her pals must navigate the risky realm of intimacy.


38. College Hill

The series follows the lives of eight university students as they grow up together, live, learn, love, laugh, and experience life as young adults.

39. SOTUS: The Series

The title SOTUS refers to the S.O.T.U.S. system that Kongpob and his fellow freshmen must go through in order to be recognised as legitimate junior students by the hazing team, which is managed by third-year student Arthit.

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40. The Parkers

The story revolved on a mother and her daughter, and both are students at Santa Monica College. When Nikki found out she was pregnant with Kim, she had to abandon her plans to attend college.

41. Love Sick: The Series

Noh, the president of Friday College’s music club, and Phun, the vice president of Friday College’s student council, are at the heart of the series. In exchange for help with his music club finances, Phun begs Noh to be his fake lover.

42. Resident Advisors 

The outrageous comedy Resident Advisors is set in the world’s most hormonally-overloaded, sexually active, out-of-control workplace: a college dorm. The series follows a group of resident assistants as they deal with sex, drugs, and midterms.

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43. Boston Common 

Plot. Boyd Pritchett is a kind, laid-back twenty-something from Virginia who drives his sister Wyleen to Boston for college. Then, much to Wyleen’s disappointment, Boyd falls in love with Joy and decides to stay.


44. China, IL

The series takes place at The University of China, Illinois, where Steve and Frank Smith are brothers who teach the history department in the worst university in America.

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