Kota Factory’Jeetu bhaiya is easily one of the most loved fictional teachers. He is the perfect mix of an inspiring teacher and a relatable mentor, who actually looks out for his students. 

And while Jitendra Kumar’s performance is on-point and has gone a long way in making Jeetu bhaiya a crowd favourite, netizens also believe that his act is inspired by Kota’s Motion Classes’ Physics teacher, N.V Sir. 


Yes, according to this Quora thread, Jeetu bhaiya’s character is very similar to Nitin Vijay Sir, the managing director of Motion Classes – one of the premium coaching institutes in Kota. 


Much like Jeetu bhaiya, N.V Sir also teaches physics, is an IIT alumnus, and started Motion Coaching with only 4 employees. Oh, and he also keeps his interactions with students fun and casual, to make the subject more interesting. 


In fact, Quorans even listed down dialogues that Jeetu bhaiya uses, which have been also been used by N.V Sir. 

People have actually been citing similarities between the two ever since the show first came out:

And, Jeetu bhaiya even admitted that he took inspiration from N.V. Sir while preparing for the role. 

NV sir ke clips humne dekhne chalu ke, toh sabka decision tha, ki inke kuch kuch nuances uthane hain… haan ya na bolne wala, jokes bahut saare liye hain maine unse. So bahut saari cheezein script mein thi, bahut saari humne (unki) video dekh ke add kari.

While it’s true that Jeetu bhaiya is not inspired by just one person, what no one can deny is that we all need a teacher like him in our lives.