Season 2 of Kota Factory recently released on Netflix, and it’s once again left people impressed with its honest take of what life in Kota–India’s hub of engineering exams’ coaching centers–looks like. 

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Though the second season appeared to rely more on serving nostalgia and cliches, than a tight script, it still had its moments and dialogues, including Jeetu Bhaiy’s gyaan, that left you delightfully impressed. 

However, one of my most favourite moments from the show was watching Rosesh Sarabhai! 

Yes, Rajesh Kumar, who rose to widespread fame for his portrayal of Rosesh Sarabhai in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, is part of the second season of Kota Factory

Kumar plays Gagan Arora, a mathematics teacher, on the show. While he only has a handful of scenes, his sassy dialogue delivery and natural screen presence leave you thoroughly impressed.

Kumar is one of the three faculty members at Jeetu bhaiya’s new institute, and his attitude towards teaching and his subject is far different than Jeetu bhaiya’s. But he is there when it counts… though it’s far too early to figure out what his role in the show might be. 

Kumar has been a part of a number of different shows over the years, but none have been as popular as Sarabhai. However, acting is only one part of what Kumar does for a living. What people may not know, is that he is also a farmer. 

An actor who never fails to impress the audience, his scenes in Kota Factory are easily one of the highlights of the show!

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