Ever since Season 2 of Kota Factory ended, fans have been discussing the show’s brilliant dialogues, relatable characters, and of course, that cliffhanger! 

And now that the creators have confirmed that Kota Factory has been renewed for Season 3, we can’t wait to see more of Gagan Arora sir, and revisit Meena’s endearing antics. But apart from these, here are a few theories on what the third season could entail: 

1. We find out what actually happened with Vernali, but Jeetu Bhaiya struggles with the guilt over her fate, and can’t concentrate on his academy. 

Jeetu bhaiya is not the kind to shrug off a student’s suicide attempt. Vernali’s attempt is sure to leave him shaken, and how he emerges from it can very easily be one of the core issues that Season 3 deals with. 

2. We find out why Sarika Ma’am actually could not join Jeetu bhaiya’s academy. 

With the last phone call, it did appear that money alone, wasn’t why Sarika Ma’am joined Maheshwari classes. And perhaps she is the one who can help Jeetu bhaiya get back on track with Aimers. 

3. As Vaibhav and Meena get even more serious about the engineering entrance exams, Uday finally decides to analyze and see what he wants to do in his life. 

Engineering is clearly not Uday’s ideal career choice. But with everyone gearing for the examinations, he needs to make a decision because there is a very high chance that he may not get into a high-ranking college. We see a glimpse of this in the discussion Uday holds with Vaibhav and Meena, when they attempt the exam for practice.

4. The show deals with the dark side of Kota classes too – the excessive addiction to gaming, porn, and instances of eve-teasing. 

Though the show has been widely appreciated for its realistic portrayal, it does skip on the dark underbelly of Kota – the addiction that plagues many students and the rampant eve-teasing. While no one expects a dramedy like Kota Factory to deal with the subject in its entirety, it could perhaps touch on these topics as well. 

5. Vaibhav and Vartika also have ‘the talk’- on what after Kota, since they may not get into the same college. 

6. We find that who among Vaibhav, Meena, Uday, Vartika, and Meenal, gets into IIT. And who doesn’t. 

Let’s be honest, we’re all rooting for Meena the most! 

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