About a week ago, singer Tony Kakkar released the video of his latest song, Booty Shake

Since then, the song has been in news, but not exactly for its stellar musical stylings. 

But rather for how eerily similar the song’s video looks to the video of another popular track, Kpop band BlackPink’s song Ice Cream, feat. Selena Gomez. 

Netizens couldn’t help but notice that the two videos were similar to the point of being copies. Especially with respect to the set design and clothes of back-up dancers. 


And of course, the K-pop army did not take kindly to it. 

Kakkar later responded to the allegations on social media. Though the IGTV video he’s referring to is no longer available on his Instagram account. 

However, this is certainly not the first time that Indian artists have been accused of copying from K-pop. 

Singer Raftaar was accused of copying the sets from the music video of Kpop band BTS’ song, Do You. 

Rolling Stone India

In fact, another of Kakkar’s song videos, Shona Shona, was also accused of being a rip-off of B1A4’s Like A Movie and IZ*ONE’s Beware. Later, due credits for the set design were added to the video description on YouTube. 


Do you think this is a coincidence or copy? Let us know in the comments section below.