Delhi is super hyper about Bollywood stars. Many actors and actresses have even had horrid experiences dealing with overenthusiastic fans in the capital. So what do stars do in such situations? Do they stop visiting the capital? Do they stop enjoying in the fear of getting mobbed? Well if Kriti Sanon of Dilwale fame is to be asked, she’d say walk straight into the largest Delhi mob and chill like a boss without worrying about anything!

Because that’s exactly what she did on the New Year’s Eve! Kriti partied in Delhi on 31st night and rung in the new year by dancing to her own song, ‘Manma Emotion Jaage’, from her recent release ‘Dilwale’ at a crowded club with her friends. And guess what? Nobody recognized her! How? 

Kriti explains with her Instagram post:

New year eve madness! I guess my sis confused me wid Krishh! 😜 @nupursanon

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Yes, she beat the Delhi crowd with her Krrish mask! And she also posted a video flaunting the same!

Woah, Kriti! Full marks for creativity!