Very few people can piss everyone else off with the seeming effortlessness that KRK can. The man just has to reach for his smartphone and type out a not-so-smart tweet and lo and behold, Twitterati goes mad with rage time and time again.

The man usually has a target in mind. And this time, Karan Singh Grover seems to be the chosen one. While Karan is just about beginning his married life with Bipasha Basu, KRK has struck with a blast from the past… 

Here’s what he tweeted.

Well, we’re glad that he at least knows what secularism is. But for the first time, it seems like KRK has tried to pull off something witty instead of bullshitting around. 

In fact, it’s the comments section that is surprising us. There’s hardly any hate and it seems like people are in fact enjoying the tweet. 

For starters, we see a lot of ‘expert’ suggestions regarding who Karan should marry next.

And then, we come across a bunch of people who are playing marriage counselors. Why? Because they can!

Just when we had started to think that KRK has finally managed to do good for his reputation, the ardent haters returned.

All we can do is hope that he works on his wit and gives us more such pleasant surprises instead of meaningless social media wars.


Not bad, Mr Kamaal Rashid Khan. Not bad at all!