Every time something good happens in the world, KRK emerges from the trenches to give us a reality check.

Bipasha Basu has been soaring in happiness since her recent wedding to Karan Singh Grover. But such moments of happiness make the best breeding ground for social pests like Kamaal Rashid Khan.

This time, the recently-wedded Bipasha was at the receiving end of his corrupt mind.

In a recent interview, Bipasha spoke about her husband, Karan:


And KRK was quick to poison the news with his reply to Bipasha’s statement:


And it’s not even the first time KRK has tried to ruin the day for Bipasha and Karan.


KRK has made a habit out of passing lewd comments to Bollywood actresses like Shibani Dandekar, Kalki Koechlin and even Nandita Das.




We wonder what’s worse, living in a world where KRK exploits his freedom of expression or living in a world where we haven’t been able to stop him from douchebagging his way to the headlines.

It’s about darn time something is done about KRK!