A teacher once asked a student “How do you spell EPIC?” The student replied, “K-R-K”. And you know what, once you go through Kamaal R Khan’s Twitter account you will agree that KRK is EPIC. From throwing open challenges to Chetan Bhagat to sending kisses to Asin and kicks to Kareena, KRK has done it all within 140 characters. We have put together for you the bad, the worst and the downright NO WAY! tweets of KRK. Enjoy!

We have collected just a handful of gems from the ocean of KRK tweets. We’ve divided them into 3 categories so it’s easier for you to digest all this epicness!

KRK on Women

1. That’s right ladies, if you’ve got beautiful teeth you WILL hear about it from KRK.

2. Speaking of women, here’s KRK publicly denying any kind of hook up or link up with any human female on this planet.

3. Don’t you just hate it when all these selfish women treat KRK like a sex object!

4. Not really sure if he’s talking about boys and girls as in children or lovers. Quite a creepy tweet!

5. So if you’re working in Bollywood, Times of India or Indigo Airlines, well tough luck! This dreamboat isn’t for you!

6. That’s what’s called keeping it real! Real Indian!

7. Considering the 5000 kisses he sends out everyday it’s a damn surprise!

8. Just freakin’ leave him alone ladies!! He’s a Shareef Banda!

9. He’s got a way with words!

10. Nothing Indian for our man KRK. Milk from Switzerland and women from outside India!

KRK vs Bollywood/Newsmakers

1. Listen Irfan, if KRK says he doesn’t abuse anyone he doesn’t! Alright? Got that?

2. Oh, well, NEVER MIND!

3. There are some things that money just can’t buy KRK!

4. Damn! He really does not hold back!

5. One of the few people who has taken a potshot at Sachin and lived!

6. Nostradamus ain’t got shit on you, KRK!

7. Yes of course. What was that film again that you directed? Ah, yes, Deshdrohi!

8. KRK slamming Sunny Leone. Not the way he would like to though.

9. A humble request indeed!

10. This man’s got some serious ambition!

11. He’s made Parineeti an offer she just can’t refuse!

12. Oh Snap!

13. I have a feeing Ranveer might gift him something if he reads this tweet!

14. Yes, that’s the price of legen-wait for it-dary PR!

15. Yeah! I know! Thank God KRK understands that!


1. Just how many Dhonis are there in KRK’s world??

2. We have a feeling Voldemort is after KRK’s magical twitter powers!

3. Ask and thou shall receive!

4. Now only if KRK could get rid of 3000 out of his 6000 mobile phones.

5. 2 Rs People! If it were up to us, this phrase would be in dictionaries !

6. Selfie!

7. Die without death at the same place and same time? WTF?

8. Perhaps it’s time to get some milk from within the country!

9. KRK with RGV is just OMG.

10. Banned or Banged?

11. Come on Mumbai wave back! Come on!

12. Consider yourself lucky Delhi!

13. He only looks 55 though! Kidding KRK!

14. Yeah nobody who lives in a 50 cr bungalow would be crazy for money!

15. No, you first KRK!

One of the greatest skills of KRK is multitasking. Did you know that he can wish good morning, send kisses and kicks all at the same time? Have a look at some of the fortunate few to make it to his Kiss and Kick List!