It’s no secret that no one, including actor Akshay Kumar, loves PM Modi as much as comedian Kunal Kamra does. Which makes the topic of Kamra’s latest stand-up video self-explanatory – India’s love for Modi ji

He begins his set by talking about how he believes that Modi ji, as a devout Hindu, would be reincarnated as India’s PM. The only challenge would be, to find him in his reincarnated form. 

He then proceeds to break down Modi ji’s apparent love for cameras, which might just help his fans find his reincarnated version.

However, soon his attention moves to PM Modi’s impeccable skills as an orator. 

In fact, he even proposes how we can take ‘inspiration’ from Modi ji’s speeches. 

Ultimately though, he comes back to Modi ji’s self-love, or as Kamra puts it, self-obsession. 

And while a section of society may believe that PM Modi has sacrificed family for the nation, Kamra has a slightly different take on things: 

You can watch the complete set here: 

All images are screenshots from the video, unless specified otherwise.