Game of Thrones might be set in the fictional universe created by George R. R. Martin but ever since the HBO series entered our lives, we have realised that the show and its characters are much more to us than a figment of Martin’s imagination. We’ve celebrated Jon Snow’s resurrection, cheered for Tyrion at Blackwater and cursed Joffrey when he ordered Ned Stark’s beheading.


Ned Stark’s beheading in the first season was a jaw dropping moment for viewers around the world. The man we thought to be the hero was now dead. 

If we look back, Ned’s death was almost certain after he confronted Cersei about her children’s parentage.


It was in season one’s episode You Win or You Die when Ned Stark confronted Cersei about her relationship with Jaime and she confirmed that her kids were not Baratheon.

And how did Ned Stark find out that Joffrey wasn’t really Robert’s son?

His golden blonde hair gave it away! In the old book ‘The Lineage And Histories Of The Great Houses Of The Seven Kingdoms’, Ned finds out that all Baratheon men carried black hair, until Joffrey. And that’s when it strikes him that Joffrey isn’t Robert’s blood. 


The Lannisters have always been shown as golden haired people who come from the rich lands of Casterly Rock. Their hair has been a defining feature in their description throughout the show and the books as well. When we saw Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion in the first season, we were reminded of this unique characteristic over and over again.

Cersei’s golden hair were long and flowy.


Jaime was the one of the bad guys back then and it was his blonde hair that gave away Joffrey’s parentage.


Even Tyrion had a head of golden hair.


But quite a lot of things have changed in the past six seasons.

Jaime isn’t as blonde anymore.


And neither is Tyrion.

Cersei’s locks have been chopped off but her hair are still golden, like Lannisters are supposed to be.


In a show where even the minutest of details tells a story, we’re certain that this change in hair colour isn’t an oversight by the makers. 

We wonder what the thought was behind the significant change in Jaime and Tyrion’s hair colour. From being blonde-haired men in Season 1, the two men are now seen with darker hair.

The show makers haven’t explained this but we have a theory. 

In the past seven seasons, we have witnessed a massive change in Tyrion Lannister. 

Tyrion was established as a wine drinking dwarf who loved the company of women but has since transformed into one of the wisest characters in the Seven Kingdoms.

Jaime was introduced as the man who had killed the previous king. He was the man who threw Bran off the tower to protect his incestuous relationship and was hated by the audience. 

But since then, we have started to sympathise with Jaime, specially after he lost his hand. He might not be the best guy but he’s certainly not an evil man.

The two Lannister men have grown to be more likeable and positive than what they were introduced as but Cersei has stayed just as evil as she was in the beginning. In fact, she has gotten worse and her constant blonde hair probably explains that.


Is the change in Tyrion and Jaime’s hair colour a sign for their changed personalities? Does it signal that the two men have outgrown the Lannister stereotype of being evil while Cersei has stayed the same?

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