Vir Das is one savvy stand-up comedian, who has been taking on topics a lot of us are left thinking about with his latest series, #TenonTen on YouTube. 

However, he deviated from a #TenonTen episode to ask a series of questions in his latest video. 

And we can’t help but wait for the answers to these questions:  

1. When is the Congress party going to accept, it’s over, especially when they’re the “most profitable company” in the world? 

You’re (the Congress party) like dinosaurs in the arctic icebergs. You’re beautifully preserved but technically dead. When are you going to stop trying to shove your prodigal son down my throat?… You’re not going to sneak him on my plate. He is a 50-year-old man, not a Basil leaf. 

And yes, when Vir talks about profitable companies, the Chinese, naturally, make it to the discussion. 

2. When are youth politicians going to realize, the public sees their lack of spine?

You’re cool on Twitter and then you say hateful shit in speeches. You know we can see you, right? We see you switch around and run around between the part and who you really wanna be. Kho Kho is still one of our national sports. We recognize the pattern. 

Yes, there’s a science joke in the middle. But it’s his comment on being called anti-national that takes the cake. 

You have the gall to call us anti-nationals? B*tch we own the National. You’re just renting it. Those chairs belong to me. It’s my house. I invited you. 

3. Is it a political party or is it a cult?

You’re (Aam Aadmi Party) like Osho (but) without all the sex, all the fun, or Osho. I’m not saying you’re a cult, but you listen to one guy and wear matching hats. So you figure that shit out. 

4. When will a particular news channel realize that it’s actually just another form of DJ? 

We’re watching Republic for the same reason we’re watching Bigg Boss. The only difference between you (Republic Channel) and Bigg Boss is that the people in Bigg Boss are already locked up and you soon will be…You’re not the news. You’re the DJ. You’re loud and your basic job is to get people to jump up and down on the dance floor. What is the dance floor? It’s just where facts and real information used to be.  

For that matter, according to Vir, this is what Indian news channels actually stand for these days. No surprises, none of them stand for NEWS. 

NDTV: “You don’t have the moral high ground. You’re not better than anybody else.”

Zee News: “Can you just stick to serials?”

India Today: “Who are you? What do you represent apart from successful advertising revenue?”

6. The younger people want to engage. But why do they not want to read?

I love that you’re getting involved, can you please also read up a little bit? No generation is equipped to deal with more information than you guys. 

7. Why do intellectuals (and their lot, including him) need to be so dislikeable? 

Listening to your opinion or reading your opinion is like reading broccoli dipped in kale sauce. I know it’s good for me but it just leaves such a rotten taste. 

8. Why celebrities can’t grow balls?

You do know that your fanbase is going to hold you accountable for more than just your work in movies, right? You do know that your movies are also being watched by students, farmers, and minorities?

9. Why do the “not-all-people” even exist?

Upfront, honest, and savage, Vir Das leaves no section of society or political party alone. And that’s why this video becomes a must-watch. Here’s the complete video: 

All images are screenshots from the video on YouTube.