Earlier this year, when the entire country was in a lockdown due to coronavirus, many lost their jobs including Arman Rathod who used to clean cars for a living. 

As per sources, he was left without work in the lockdown. Being a dance enthusiast ever since he was a kid, Arman decided to take advantage of the situation and do what he loves the most.


In a story covered by Huffington Post, Arman mentioned that: 

Finally, since my work had stopped due to the lockdown, I had ample time. I decided to give myself a chance. I danced to the tune of a South Indian song and uploaded it on TikTok, and it went viral. Since then, almost all my videos have become famous and are liked by a lot of people. Earlier, people used to look at me as a loser, a struggler, but now I have shown them that hard work really pays off. 

He used to meet up with his childhood friends Raj, Sonu and Karan for dance practice in the evening. Using an inexpensive phone with a broken screen that his close friend had gifted him for performing at his wedding, they spent hours studying and choreographing dance moves for the next day’s shoot.

While practising one evening, Arman’s friends showed him some TikTok dance videos for reference. They suggested that even he should use the platform to showcase his talent and that’s how everything began! 

I used to upload funny videos, but comedy was never my thing. One day, my friends showed me some dance videos, and asked me if I wanted to upload such videos. I was a little hesitant at first, but I thought, what’s there to lose? So I gave it a shot.

Considering the phone as a “blessing” for his dance career, it enabled him to record himself dancing and correct his mistakes. It even boosted his confidence because whenever he watched his own videos, he felt that he was “quite good.” 

Arman has competed in 100 local competitions and won over 50 awards all because for his passion for dance. He now has 6.8 million followers and 136.9 million likes on TikTok. Almost all his dance videos are a viral hit so much so that people are messaging him for collaborations!

 A lot of TikTokers send me messages saying they want to meet me and make videos with me after the lockdown, and I look forward to that.

Seeing his videos, people are all praises of him and rightly so! 

Well, with moves and dedication like that, it is hard not to become an internet sensation!