FRIENDS, the cultural phenomenon of a show, is turning 25 on September 24, this year. 

Don’t feel old yet. ‘Cause LEGO has announced that it will be releasing a FRIENDS-themed set in its honour.

Available on September 1, the LEGO Ideas Central Perk is bringing us a recreation of the sitcom’s iconic cafe. The set comprises of 1,070 pieces for Rs 4,230.


The set includes the legendary orange sofa, Phoebe with her guitar, Rachel with a serving tray, Ross and his keyboard, Joey with a pizza box, Chandler with a laptop, and Monica with muffins.


 And most importantly, apart from the 6 main leads, it also has a mini figurine of Gunther.

The Pop Insider

Additional accessory elements in this LEGO set include 15 coffee cups (now Lego Rachel never has to do the dishes), a newspaper and a ‘Reserved’ sign.


Apart from this FRIENDS-themed set by LEGO, even Pottery Barn released an exclusive collection of decor, furniture (including an apothecary table), and tabletop accessories.

Take my money!