Sometimes, the Internet provides you with life advice that you don’t even need.

But if you happen to, mistakenly or righteously, become famous and need help in hiding from the media, don’t ever seek Leo DiCaprio’s advice in doing so.

We mean we love Leo and all, but when it comes to his public hiding skills, we almost wish we didn’t know him. (Yeah, we’re not too proud of saying that).


But, I mean look at him trying to be the bane of the garment industry!


After all that Catch Me If You Can shit, this is how you try to not get caught?


If Darth Vader and Papa John’s had a love child, this photograph would make a whole lot of sense.


“Maybe if I cover my eyes, they will stop existing”

That’s one way to tell the world you’re a famous actor who doesn’t want to be seen. Real smart, Leo!


The only thing he’s successfully avoiding in this picture is his line of sight.



When you’re tired of being recognized everywhere so you wear an umbrella on your face.


Me trying to hide from my responsibilities like:


What happens at an Islanders game does not stay at the Islanders game. Leo would know!


Dear Leo, unless you’re John Cena, we’re pretty much able to see you just about everywhere.

 H/T: Distractify