Leonardo DiCaprio has been stealing hearts since we first lay eyes on him in Titanic . He has been the first-ever crush of many girls, and God, did we not cry when he sank into the bottomless North Atlantic Ocean.

But hey! It’s his birthday today and we celebrate the many wonderful, Oscar-worthy, (give him one already!) and stellar performances this wonderful actor has delivered so immaculately. From his first role in Critters 3 to his about to-be-released The Revenant, he has evolved so much as an actor, preparing for each role with the utmost amount of dedication(watch J. Edgar ).

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Leonardo:

1. What’s eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

He played a mentally-ill boy, Arnie, who had a knack of finding trouble. And we just loved him, didn’t we?

2. Romeo+Juliet (1996)

Never have Romeo looked so mesmerising and enchanting. Nobody could have done justice to Romeo and Shakespeare except Leonardo.

3. Titanic (1997)

Jack Dawson wouldn’t have been the dreamy guy we made him to be if he was played by any other actor. Jack’s vitality and his excitement was all so addictive.

4. Gangs Of New York (2002)

An amazing movie by Scorsese, and nobody could have played Amsterdam Vallon any better.

5. Catch Me If You Can (2002)

A thug, an impersonator, a smooth talker and a runner for life. Based on a true story, Leonardo just fit into all the characters with so much ease.

6. The Departed (2006)

Another kickass movie by Scorsese, an always on the edge and super pissed, Billy Costigan couldn’t have been portrayed better.

7. Blood Diamond (2006)

Danny Archer, who would do anything to get his hands on diamonds is definitely one of his best performances.

8. Inception (2010)

An amazing and mind boggling movie by Nolan with other notable actors, Leonardo still managed to grab attention by portraying Dominic Cobb.

9. J.Edgar (2011)

His transformation from a young man into a septuagenarian was almost unrecognisable. And boy, was he good!

10. Django Unchained (2012)

The charismatic and sly owner of ‘Candyland’, Calvin Candie was an amazing performance by this fine man.

11. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

A bratty, sassy, richer-than-money stock broker’s true story of rise and fall. And that bratty man, with all his sassy dialogues was definitely Leonardo’s calling.

12. The Great Gatsby (2013)

A young, mysterious millionaire with shady connections who loves to throw parties, just like in the book and Leonardo fit into the image of Jay Gatsby in all naturalness.

Here’s to many more incredible performances by you. Much adoration and love for you on your birthday!