You think people wouldn’t mess with someone who trained Batman, was a Jedi, a CIA operative, a Ranger and even Zeus, for god’s sake! Not to mention, he doesn’t seem to age.

But no!

The world has to mess with Liam Neeson.


Liam is 64 and a complete badass. 

He’s an action hero at an age when people have issues climbing stairs.


To be honest, you can’t blame the 15-year-old who messed with Liam. The poor kid had no idea who he was up against. 

A long time ago, before his acting career, Liam tried his hand at teaching.

One day, a naughty kid started disturbing the class so Liam asked him to leave. Any other kid would’ve happily walked out of class. But that kid decided to pull a knife on his professor. 

Liam was scared of being stabbed (who wouldn’t be?), so he whacked the kid. 

One punch and an injured student later, Liam was fired.

That was the first message for the world : DO NOT FUCK WITH LIAM NEESON!

That suspension resulted in him giving up on a teaching career. The 24-year-old Irishman went to Belfast and started doing theatre. 

A year later, he acted in his first-ever movie. His character – Jesus Christ. 

How fitting!


While the punching incident drove him in to acting, operating a forklift for Guinness made him a better actor. Yes, a frigging forklift. Tell me that’s not impressive! 

According to him, that chapter of his life inspired him a lot. His boss asked him what he wanted to do and Liam said he wanted to become an actor. So his boss told him to go on and become one:

“Go be Roy Rogers.” 

You may not have heard that guy’s name, I hadn’t either. So for both our sakes, I googled him. Apparently, Mr Rogers was the most popular Western star of his era and was called the “King of Cowboys.”

If Liam did more country flicks, he would totally be king too. 


Oh and wait. There’s more to the story. He was studying physics and computer science at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. One fine day, he realised that he’s a pretty fine football player. He even played for a club called Bohemian FC against Shamrock Rovers. 

However, the substitute appearance did not earn him a permanent contract so he moved back to Dublin where the forklift story began.


Basically we need to thank the kid who was the first idiot trying to mess with Liam and as a result, took a punch to make the world a better place. 

Because without Liam Neeson in reel life, real life would be kinda boring.