We all lie sometime or the other, for some reason or the other. It could be big, it could be bad, and sometimes it’s just to make a fool out of someone. Here are 15 lies that we all have faced in our lives, at some point of time or the other. Seriously. I am not lying!

1. When automated telephonic machines tell us ‘Your call is important to us’.

2. Whenever mom says, ‘Just have this last bite, beta’.

3. When someone on the stage says “Now the chief guest will say a few words”.

4. Whenever this window congratulates us, and says you are the 1000000 th visitor and you have won yourself an obscene amount of money.

5. “I am reaching in five minutes.”

6. When our parents tell us that just get good grades in your board exams, and the road ahead would be smooth.

7. When we’re told that the last minute studies are of no use.

8. When that ad screams to us that how you can lose n number of kilos in just a few weeks. That too, without any exercising or dieting.

9. When a store has ‘upto’ some ridiculous percentage off.

10. The salt and lemon toothpaste will give you super white teeth.

11. This fairness cream will make you fair.

12. If you’ve ever used yahoo messenger, you’d know ASL is always a lie.

13. That Santa Claus is for real.

14. A prince charming will come and sweep you off your feet, and you’ll live happily ever after.

Little girls’ worst nightmare! I personally have a lot of hard feelings towards this one. This shit just ain’t for real, girl!


15.  And this one, we say it to ourselves.Ticking the checkbox which says ‘I have read all the terms and conditions’.

Seriously? You think anyone has got time to read 10 pages just for a sign up?