It’s no secret that we all grew up watching Bollywood movies. On top of that, romantic movies cemented some expectations of love that we realised were unreal as we grew up. But, hey, rom-com movies of Bollywood also taught us what love and relationships look like. I can say, watching romantic movies back then had a major influence on what I felt about love. 

This also reminds me of the time when I watched Preity Zinta doing romantic movies. I remember listening to What’s Goin’ On from Salaam Namaste and simply simp about it. Of course, back then and even today, getting permission for a night out is a task. So seeing them explore at night, just to eat a scoop of ice cream, was romantic. 

Watching Preity on-screen as a teenager was a delight. Oh, wait, her dimples worked magic for us. Can we just agree? Life was good during that time, with less stress, and more energy to do stuff, and watching Preity Zinta do rom-coms made it more fun. 

1. Amber from Salaam Namaste

Moving to a new city and living a life on your own, this mere thought was far-fetched for a lot of us- but watching Amber do that comforted our souls. It helped us imagine what an independent life would look like. Sure, the character had its ups and downs, but the way she deals with financial and emotional difficulties, even when she gets pregnant, taught us a lot about freedom and independence.

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2. Piya Goyal from Jaan E Mann

The movie simply had everything a rom-com needs, a broken love story, a love triangle, effortless acting, and of course, Preity Zinta. To be honest, I watched the whole movie just to see how amazing she looked.  

3. Romila Dutta from Lakshya

A character like Romila Dutta in the 2000s was progress in itself. Though she played the love interest in the movie, there was so much more to her character. She challenged the patriarchal norms of our society when she broke the engagement with her fiance and called him out. No doubt, Preity essayed the role well, and we have a lot to learn from her.  


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4. Zaara Hayaat Khan from Veer Zaara

I remember watching Veer Zaara in a theatre as a kid, yet the movie managed to make me cry. The effortless chemistry between Preity and SRK worked magic. Seeing how pure and soul-crushing their love story was and on top of that, the music added more to this rom-com.  


5. Shalini from Dil Chahta Hai

Can we just acknowledge this fact of how adorable Preity looked in Dil Chahta Hai? From the song Jaane kyu log Pyaar karte hai to Koie kahe kheta rahe, she truly emoted her character well. 


TBH, the 2000s were an awesome time and Preity Zinta was 95% responsible for it. We need those romcoms back.

Bring back the days when life was simpler, every story ended well for everyone and there were songs. So many songs. It was like spring would never end and then Preity Zinta stopped making movies. Now, I am not saying there’s a connection, but we ain’t never seen Batman & Bruce Wayne in the same room together ever!

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