You know how Bollywood is basically serving us with the same masala over the years? Even if there’s a wave of change, it is only reflected in the script writing. Our lyrics, for the most part, have remained stagnant, with raps that keep getting worse and worse. 

So, our very own Superwoman AKA Lilly Singh decided to do something about it and rescue us from the nonsensical lyric parade of B-town.

Lilly Singh’s new video, ‘If Bollywood Songs Were Rap’ is a compilation of three Bollywood songs turned into raps about real issues.

This corrective rap video taps into three themes with three different songs.

First and foremost you have your ‘Choli ke peeche kya hai‘ and the sexist representation of women in masala songs getting a clap-back along with it.

Lilly takes a dig on how Bollywood songs basically focus on objectifying women with ‘thick thighs’, ‘tiny waist’ and what not. As though women have nothing else going on. 

She also taps into the idea of consent, and does this without losing the groove. You. Can’t. Help. But Tap. Your. Feet. Along With. It. And without feeling guilty, you know, because the lyrics are not problematic anymo’. 

The second song takes the ‘All is well’ track and talks about the much-evaded topic of mental health in Bollywood.

We all have a picture-perfect life that we upload on social media, but in reality, not all of us got it. And it’s okay. We gotta start acknowledging it and talking about it.

The last but not the least song is a rap built on the tunes of the ‘Aankh Marey‘ song, buuut guess what? The subject of the song is not defined by heterosexuality anymore.

The rap takes a surprising and welcome turn when the love interest of Lilly Singh is revealed to be both a man and a woman, colouring the video the colours of the rainbow.

It also takes a dig on this idea of compartmentalising women into either feminine or one-of-the-guys cliche. But, honey, it’s 2019 and we’re not stereotyping.

Bollywood, please-o-please, take notes. 

Watch the video here.

All images are screenshots of the video.