A few days ago, we made a list of all times Lilly Singh was a ‘Superwoman’ IRL.

Today, she gave us more reasons. In her recent interview with Anupama Chopra on Film Companion, Lilly talked about her life and she was as relatable and funny as ever.

1. She made a PSA to the who’s who of Bollywood to cast her in a movie and we are low-key super excited by just the thought. 

2. The first Indian-origin woman to become a Late Night host, then went on to share her plans for the show. 

3. Adding that she can finally tell the biggest accomplishment this platform has helped her achieve. 

4. Her problems, though, are still as relatable for anyone with…um…legs? (She got me with this one)

5. And she says she is going to make sure that no celeb has these issues on her show. *Notice how she says ‘a girl or a guy’*

6. She has a lot on her plate but what does Lilly really want to achieve? The answer is simple. 

7. Her new video If Bollywood Songs Were Rap got trashed by some people but Lilly has a smart outlook on it.

8. Talking about ‘senseless criticism’, people had some in store for her when she came out as bisexual. But does she care? Nah!

9. Lilly obviously has a lot of people looking up to her but she wants them to be the best versions of themselves and not attempt to ‘be her’.

10. A major reason Lilly advocates personal achievement is because her own definition of ‘success’ has changed over the years. 

11. And she also has some advice for kids on this matter. 

12. Now, if you are wondering how to impress Lilly. It’s quite easy (or not?) 

13. However, even as her inbox is full, she has her plans for her production house, set.

14. She is clearly a badass woman but she has her own set of fears.

15. While we are discussing fears, she also had a word for trolls. 

16. Now, how can you have Superwoman in the house and not have a conversation about her parents?

A ‘Bawse’ clearly. You can watch the full interview, here.