The 74-year-old country singer Dolly Parton has sparked a viral trend among celebrities. Exposing her different looks for her different profiles over various social media platforms, she has started the ongoing LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder trend which is spreading like wildfire. 

Believe it or not, everybody starting from our homegrown star Diljit to the Incredible Hulk is taking part in this viral challenge. Here are our favourites:  

1. Ellen’s Instagram picture is everything anyone ever wishes for: 

2. The Incredible Hulk or not, Mark Ruffalo will forever have our heart in every avatar: 

3. BRB, re-downloading Tinder to find The Witcher on Tinder: 

4. Homeboy Diljit Dosanj is killing it: 

5. Can we please take a minute to appreciate MET’s hilarious, vintage take on this: 

6.Terry hates shirts everywhere, on all social media platforms: 

6. This is one of Mindy’s best projects: 

7. Gordon Ramsay is clearly the ‘hottie sandwich’ everyone is secretly drooling over: 

8. Putting NaMo’s photo-ops to good use: 

9. A moment of silence for Deadpool’s deadpan humour: 

10. The many faces of our favourite on-screen boss, Michael Scott:

11. Before we had all these apps, we had Sex And The City characters that perfectly personified all these apps: 

12. Excuse me, why should hoomans have all the fun? 

13. Excuse me, can I please steal these Kerry Washington a.k.a Olivia Pope’s looks and create a ‘scandal’? 

14. Really digging the many faces of Ankita’s vibe:

15. Excuse me, make way for the glamourous Naomi Campbell please: 

That’s all folks!