LinkedIn is a weird place. It’s worse than Twitter, some might even claim. But Indian Linkedln is a whole new cesspool of idiots scientists are yet to classify. You will see polls about if interns should be paid and stories about how some interviewer refused to hire talent because their shoe was tied the wrong way, oh, and this is my favourite, posts celebrating new mothers not availing maternity leaves and carrying their babies to work, FFS!

But in this instance, what we have here takes the cake and eats it too. See, this gentleman, Anuj Narang and some of his friends met comedian and YouTuber Tanmay Bhat at a bar 6 years ago. 

So, they asked for a picture and Bhat obliged. Then, they started asking about content, mind you,  they are still at a bar, oh, and this is funny, they wanted to talk to him about his weight. 

Because when people are trying to have a good time, enjoying their drinks, they really want to discuss their weight with strangers. Just take a took at this. 


So bla bla bla… and somewhere, presumably around the time they asked about the weight, Bhat showed them the middle finger. I would have started swinging but Bhat probably is a better man. 

But this is not the funny part. The funny part is that Anuj, our protagonist here, thought it was a great idea, an inspirational one at that and shared it on Linkedln!


There’s Bhatt’s reply of course, filled with bewilderment and well, can’t believe he was really surprised. 


People have been going nuts after reading this story on Twitter

Thank f**k I have a job and don’t have to frequent the hellsite!