The memories of my childhood are as vivid and clear as day and night. As a member of the 90s generation, I’m often stricken with bouts of nostalgia and the yearning desire to take trips down memory lane.

Aside from TV shows, music is often the perfect remedy to sate the urges of recollection and reflection. Perhaps the artist to have one of the biggest influences during my childhood was the band Linkin Park.

It was the year 2000 when Linkin Park dropped their first album, Hybrid Theory. But my first bout with Linkin Park happened when I had just started listening to firangi songs. You know, the phase that every 90s kid had.

On The Come Up TV

Linkin Park‘s In The End is one of those songs you pretend you’ve grown out of. It was a part of your angsty teenage years – a time when angst was cool. But any time the song comes on air, you can’t help scream out the lines. Don’t be embarrassed because you know the words.

Let’s face it, Linkin Park changed music. From their heavy metal to their balanced hip-hop influence, all while creating and making a new emphasis on alternative music. But it’s not as basic as that. They range from soft, to rough and ragged with heavy electronic synth all the way to gut-wrenching and memorable guitar riffs. 

I was never disappointed with the music they put out. They changed music in a time period of 10 years and then fused all the influences they learned into an even newer, fresh sound, progressing from what any basic band has done before.

Their brilliance has given birth to Nu-metal. It has passion, and direct truth. Oh, and LP has the guts to change their styles, knowing it could polarize many, yet they followed their hearts.


When most people hear about Linkin Park, I’m sure some of the first things that come to mind are the tattoos, the piercings, the purple and orange hair and Chester screaming his lungs out on stage. These are just a few parts of what make up this phenomenal rock band – one of the greatest bands in music history (Ok. Thoda zyaada ho gaya but bhavnao ko samjho, guys!).

There’s nothing quite like turning on Linkin Park at full volume. Somehow, after blasting out a couple of their songs, everything seemed much better. 

Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate good music, loud music – just so long as it has words that actually mean something, and the band members can sing and not just scream for the sake of screaming.

As soon as you hear the familiar opening tune of In The End, you automatically start singing along. According to the Internet lore, a person who doesn’t sing along to this masterpiece has no soul and cannot be trusted (citation needed).

We all made that weird folder titled ‘English songs’ in which we put the entire Hybrid Theory collection alongside Akon, Eminem and Backstreet Boys. I know you did that as well.


Please note that nobody is claiming that Linkin Park is one of the best bands of all time. All I’m trying to say is that no matter what happens, they’ll always play a huge part in all of our childhoods. 

In times of need, their voice was all I heard that we need what I deserve. Every time you’re feeling so faithless, lost under the surface; remember in the end it doesn’t even matter.