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Whether we admit it or not, we’re all saps when it comes to love. After all, we grew up watching adorable on-screen romances that made us fall in love with the idea of love, right? Which is why, cute gestures and simple ways of appreciating our BAE never fails to give us the fuzzies.   

And hey, seeing as Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to celebrate and make time for love! But we can end up ruining this special day by falling into certain toxic habits that we’re all prone to.

So to make sure you don’t ruin your Valentine’s Day celebrations, we’ve listed these 9 toxic traits you must avoid at all costs. 

1. Arriving late for your Date 

This is literally the most annoying thing you can do. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and showing up late to your date night can actually set a damper on the rest of the date. However, in case you are genuinely running late, let your partner know in advance instead of keeping them waiting. 

2. Checking your phone every few minutes 

It’s an undeniable fact that we’re all in a very toxic relationship with our phones and OTT apps. So, don’t let mindless browsing and scrolling on your phone interfere with your date. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about #LoveMoreBrowseLess. So keep your phones aside and give your undivided attention to your BAE. 

3. Making reservations/plans at the last minute

V-day rush is not a joke. So obviously you aren’t gonna get a table at any of the good restaurants or cafes that are packed with couples at the last minute, not by a ‘Long Shot’. And of course, you’d want to be in there, enjoying a romantic dinner with your BAE as well. You might usually procrastinate and leave everything to the last minute but don’t make the same mistake when it comes to Valentine’s day reservations. It can even make you seem too ‘Casual’ and is a huge bummer! 

4. Over-drinking on your date 

You know you make questionable decisions after one too many shots of cheap vodka. Unless you enjoy the thought of passing out while on a date or embarrassing the crap out of yourself, steer clear of too much alcohol. Trust me, you don’t wanna show that side of yours to your partner on a day that was meant to celebrate love. 

5. Calling V-Day a waste of time

Most of us ‘Normal People’ agree that Valentine’s Day is a bit extra so to speak. But that doesn’t mean you diss the holiday especially when you’re on the date or call it a waste of time. You might actually come off as unbothered and that’s really not the mood you want to set, right? Instead, take in all the romantic vibes that the holiday has to offer and make your partner feel extra special and loved. 

6. Talking about work

Yeah, life can be a b**h sometimes. Overworked and stressed, you might want to rant or destress by talking to your partner about work. But Valentine’s Day is not the day for that. So, leave your worries and work rants aside and try to enjoy and give your partner the perfect Boyfriend/‘Girlfriend Experience’. After all, spending time with your BAE is the perfect way to let go of the stress of a long day. 

7. Cheesy, Cliched Gifts 

Okay, lemme make this clear. No heart-shaped anything. Avoid the cliched teddy bears, and flowers, and picture frames. Instead buy your partner a meaningful gift that shows your love and appreciation for them. Maybe something even handmade? Cute and thoughtful gestures like these can go a long way as opposed to sappy gifts that hold no meaning. 

8. Stories about your past V-day experiences 

Honestly, talking about your ex on any date night is a big no-no but even more so on Valentine’s Day. So you better follow the ‘Rules Of Attraction’ and avoid a story time session about your past V-Day experiences with your exes. Capiche? 

9. Proposing/Expecting a proposal

With all the romantic lovey-dovey vibes going on around Valentine’s Day, you need to avoid getting carried away. Proposing to or expecting a proposal from your partner on Valentine’s day is not just extremely cliched but can also end up being a complete disaster. Pick any of the remaining 364 days and make that your special day instead! 

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So, this Valentine’s Day, break up with your phones and #LoveMoreBrowseLess. After all, you don’t want your phones to get in the way of your ‘Love Life’, do you?

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Happy Valentine’s!