Most of us spend our school waiting to pass out from school. Then, we spend the rest of our adult lives wishing we could go back. Remember missing the bus, the last-minute search for the shoe polish and making sure the shirt was extra white & not a single wrinkle in sight? These are things we’ll never forget and cherish forever in our hearts.

1. Reaching the bus stop just as the school bus arrived.

2. Hiding in the loo to avoid the morning assembly.

3. Getting busted and being sent out to attend morning prayers.

4. The well-timed “May I go to the toilet!” at the end of the class for those extra 5 minutes at the water cooler.

5. Magically reappearing for Games period.

6. Failing. And not feeling bad because the whole class flunked.

7. Pretending to be Picasso in those back to back art classes.

8. Book cricket matches and pen-fights at the last bench. Let the games begin.

9. The excitement in the air when Diwali was around the corner and the wait for the first toilet bomb explosion.

10. Bunking classes on Fridays to catch “first day, first show.”

11. Trips to the Library were all about hushed conversations and subdued giggles. And of course, glossy magazines.

12. Extra classes didn’t feel like a burden. They just meant more time to goof off with friends.

13. Bunking classes on the pretext of “extra-curricular” activities. Everyone became an actor during annual function.

14. Being in the good books of at least one teacher; and the sense of pride when that teacher praised you in PTA meetings.

15. The incredibly restful sleep you’d only get in History class.

16. Dealing with the Monitor was a big pain but being one yourself was awesome.

17. When Sports Day was coming and the teacher with the last two periods got put on some other duty.

18. Sports Day, Annual Day and Independence Day were the best because they got you half-days. And if they happened to fall on a Friday, it was like you’d won the lottery.

19. Getting the consent slip signed for the school picnic.

20. Duh, the school picnic. It was the day when you got to see your teachers’ fun side.

21. When you were in school, bad weather was seen as a blessing. Too hot? Holiday. Too cold? Holiday. Really rainy? Holiday.

22. Bidding farewell to the 12thies and waiting for your own.

23. Summer vacations. Two months of pure fun.

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