Early 2000s for us Indian kids was a breakthrough. We got introduced to Disney Channel and our lives completely changed after that. From different characters to interesting plotlines around teenagers, we saw a whole new world we didn’t even know existed.  

But the very first memory and the very first show we got introduced to was Lizzie McGuire. 


McGuire was not some popular kid with tons of friends. She was adorable, reckless, a goof and mostly super awkward. Her character played by Hilary Duff was so relatable to even us Indian kids that absolutely we fell in love with her and her show. 

Lizzie literally found us at a time of our lives when we all were just hitting puberty. It was a time when we were figuring our bodies, getting that newly formed feeling of having a crush and mostly figuring out who we are. 


Let’s face it, her realistic portrayal of a teen girl who was awkward, insecure, unsure, and prone to embarrassing situations made us feel not so bad about ourselves.


I mean, there were so many instances when Lizzie was all of us as a teenager and we all felt it. 

Like when Lizzie had to buy herself a bra. 

OMG! Do you girls even remember the first time you had to buy yourself a bra? Man, it was horrifying. But when Lizzie found the courage to do so, our 13-year-old selves still cheer the hell out of her. 

All those times when Lizzie was a popstar and the audience was… just her. 

You’ve done it. I’ve done it. We all have done it. We all have been Rihanna’s and Britney Spears behind the closed doors of our rooms and Lizzie was no different. 

That time she was super rebellious and thought she was being ‘cool’ 

We all have tried that new hairstyle or that not so usual top when were teenagers. Even though it totally embarrasses us now, we all thought we were the heppest kid on the block back and so did Lizzie when she got fake nose ring.  

That time she had a bully who made fun of her. 

Either you were a Kate Sanders or you were the target of a Kate Sanders like Lizzie was. So when someone made fun of us in front of a crush or in front of our friends, we all were an embarrassed as Lizzie McGuire. 


She had an alter ego for her inner thoughts. 

Whether you agree with it or not, we all talk to ourselves in our head. So when Lizzie’s animated alter ego talked to her, it literally made us go like ‘it me’.


So the point is that Lizzie portrayed the typical ‘awkward girl’. And for the times we were super confused and totally out of our element, she reassured us that we are not alone.