Warning: Major spoilers ahead


The last episode of Game of Thrones blew a lot of socks off, and while it was a thrilling experience for viewers, there were also several complaints. One of the major complaints of course, was that the episode was too damn dark. Like literally, you couldn’t see shit! 


Some folks also complained that it was slightly anti-climactic. After such a long build-up, the end of the Night King seemed a little rushed and sudden.


This was one of the most expensive and gruelling battle shoots ever, but the logic behind the strategy of the living left a lot to be desired. Twitter user Dr Ed had a whole lot of logical fallacies to point out about Winterfell’s military technique. Check it. 

He’s got a point there. I mean, they could’ve just waited for the dead to attack instead of charging into something unknown!

Another thing that really got everyone’s gears was the lack of fire. Light an effigy or something for god’s sake!

The dragons – and their riders – had the worst strategy of all. Just flying around blind, looking like a couple of damn fools!

And what exactly was Ghost supposed to do? Unless he has teeth made of Valyrian Steel, he can’t really do squat against the dead!

I swear Bran better have some answers for his absolute uselessness in the next episode!

You know, I honestly liked this episode a whole lot more before I read this. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss!