Marvel’s latest show, Loki is a gift that keeps on giving. While every single trailer they’ve put out has left us in awe, this one takes the cake. 

In the new trailer, we finally meet the orange clock that promises to be an exciting character, Miss Minutes. She asks Loki to settle down as he awaits trail the Time Variance Authority. 

We also get a look inside TVA, which looks like your everyday government office TBH, with a hint of violence. 

Rumour has it that the voice of Miss Minutes is given by Tara Strong, the same actor who voiced Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls. We’ve come a long way indeed. 

Watch the trailer here:

Twitter is obviously in love with this new character, but things did get weird on the internet:

That escalated quickly. We can’t wait to watch the show which is set to premiere on Wednesday, June 9, with its first episode streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

All images are screenshots from the trailer unless mentioned otherwise.