With more than 52 million tweets in just a day, GoT's latest episode, The Long Night became the most tweeted episode in the history of television. While some people were blown away by the unexpected twist in the end, most people were extremely disappointed with the poor lighting of the episode.

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However, according to Rotten Tomatoes, The Long Night is the second worst-rated GoT episode with a rating of 75%. It might sound like a good enough rating for other movies and TV shows but GoT is an exception here with 22 episodes having a 100% rating.

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But the worst one yet still remains fifth season’s sixth episode titled Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. It is the same episode where Sansa Stark is married off to Ramsay Bolton and the rape he later inflicts on her. It received a lot of backlash from audiences around the world for the insensitive and controversial content.

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The episodes with a rating of 100% include Blackwater, The Rains of Castermere, Hardhome and, The Lion and The Rose along with eight episodes just from season one itself.

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Maybe light up the set with more than just one candle the next time?