Pop-culture keeps us so typically invested into the intricacies of a romantic relationship that none of our brain cells have the capacity to untwine other meaning connections in life that are far more tangled than our wired earphones. 

Coloured in the eye-popping palette of orange and green, Netflix’s Looop Lapeta starring Taapsee Pannu (Savi) and Tahir Raj Bhasin (Satya) reflects how our choices, no matter how trivial, can influence massive consequences in life.

While on her quest to save Satya, Savi collides with one of her own life realities that she seems to have been dodging in the past. The acceptance of her father’s homosexual relationship after her mother’s demise.

In turn, Savi’s father disapproves of her relationship with Satya, so they barely communicate, deepening the dent in their relationship. 

Savi’s naivety never tried to realise where her father’s happiness truly lay and she harboured bitterness towards her father and his boyfriend, who apparently wore her dead mother’s ring, further eroding Savi’s relationship with her father.

Only when Savi gets one last chance to turn-things-right in her life is when realises the need to clear the cluttered relationship with her father. 

Although Savi’s sequence with her dad had a very incidental role in a bigger adventure that she was on, it accentuated the messed up child-parent relationship that Bollywood rarely chooses to pay heed to.

Amidst the warped portrayal of homosexuality in Bollywood, it’s refreshing to see how Looop Lapeta dares to shed light on a homosexual relationship of a parent, followed by its acceptance by a child, serving us all the flavours of emotions wrapped in just a few words.

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