Dark season 3 is releasing on June 27, so I thought I will prepare myself. 

You know? Go and look back at all my notes (that’s the only way to understand this show), take some free physics lessons etc. 

However, while doing my research, I found something rather exciting. Louis Hofmann’s Instagram account. He plays the role of Jonas in the show.

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For those wondering, he is the guy who enters a different timeline through a cave, and meets his father who’s a child at the time (yeah, well).

Turns out, he is quite a charmer in real life. Look at this.

And this.

And THIS. Is there any cave I can enter to reach where he is?

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Photo: @claranebeling | interview auf @asos_de

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So Louis is a 22-year-old German actor, who is known for his work in movies like Tom Sawyer and Land of Mine, in which he played the role of a prisoner of war.

He has done 7 TV shows and double the number of films till now.

From the looks of it, he is into science and stuff (I mean, who doesn’t like a geek?).

And lounging, apparently. Brilliant.

Horizontally, he looks gorgeous.

Inside lifts, he looks cool.

And with puppies…well, what can I say?!

Now, is Louis single? 

According to ‘Dating Celebs’ he is, and I am placing my complete trust on ‘Dating Celebs’.

Dating Celebs

Louis, you are a beauty and your eyes seem to hold some ‘dark’ secrets.

There is a parallel universe where we are together.