2018, aka, the year of the celebrity wedding is nearly coming to an end. And its final chapter was recently marked by the adorable and stunning wedding of our current favourites — Nick and PeeCee.

Not only did the wedding set goals in terms of how seamlessly it blended two very distinct cultures, it also made Nick Jonas’ cute quotient hit the roof! Literally, everything he did made us fall for this (now, taken) adorable walking thirst trap. Here are just a few moments from the lot.

1. When he teared up as Priyanka walked down the aisle.

2. When he recreated this iconic meet-cute moment from the Met Gala.

3. These candid whispers here and there. Because he always had something to say to her.

4. When he randomly reminded her about how much he loves her.

5. When he had eyes only for PeeCee.

6. When he got up to pull a chair for Priyanka. 

Can he be any more of a gentleman?

7. When he held her hand every time they were together.

8. When he kissed her hand and it was the most natural yet adorable thing ever.

9. When he offered his jacket to his lady like the nice boy that he is.

10. Their adorable first dance where he just couldn’t take his eyes off of her.


So happy for you, PeeCee. I’m not crying. You’re crying. :’)